Vinyl Skirting Packages and a $50.00 Instant Rebate

Complete Vinyl Skirting Packages

Get a great quality vinyl complete skirting package with a $50.00 instant rebate* shipped fast.

Complete skirting packages include all you need to remodel the outside of your mobile home quickly and inexpensively.

The complete skirting kits include back mounting rails (screws to your home),  top trim front rails (goes over the top of the skirting panels),
ground channels (skirting panels sit in these after spiked into the ground), spikes and screws (hardware kit) and full length panels cut to fit.

Panels are 11′ 8″ long 16″ wide and are made to interlock on the sides.
Top trim front rails have (4) pieces “v” notched for sharp and clean corners.

Cutting panels are easy with either shears or using a high tooth (140 or better) skill saw and running the blade in reverse (doesn’t shatter/crack the panels)

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*Instant Rebate For A Limited Time